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It's A Choice

Posted on April 16, 2018 at 3:45 PM

It is a rainy Sunday morning in April, and I am on a flight returning from Atlanta heading to Houston. Because I waited a little too late to complete my online check-in, I was given boarding assignment C3, on a flight that was completely booked. As I take my middle seat (hate it), but gave up the aisle seat; I have a little trouble with my seatbelt. The young slender woman in the window seat proceeds to assist me, and asks if I am comfortable. She then says, “They can get you a seatbelt extender if you need it.” I tell her that I am fine. Wait! It hits me about 3 minutes later what she is saying about the extender. I can’t help but laugh. Is she calling me fat?

Why am I sharing this story? Because it is at this exact moment that I have a choice. A choice to be offended about the seatbelt extender, or laugh it off.

Being offended is a choice. Most times if you’re an individual who is always on the defense, or always has their guard up, you are going to attract something negative. My mother always told me that if you look for trouble, you surely will find it. It’s the same with offenses. If you look to be offended, you will be. The choice is up to you. I could have sat there in that middle seat for the next two hours piping mad about a statement made from someone who was merely trying to help, or be the maturing Christian that God has called me to be. Notice, I said maturING, with emphasis on the “ing”. None of us are perfect, but we are to strive daily in our walk with God to think, act, and represent in a manner that is pleasing to Him. It’s a choice.

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